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Finding the best air motor to drive your product can be so frustrating - that's where our wealth of experience can help.


We design and manufacture for OEMs, so we understand the problems of space, mounting, valving etc. That's why we offer such a varied range.


For example:


  • Torque up to 300Nm
  • Output shafts from 8mm upwards: plain with or without keyway,  tapped shaft, threaded shaft, stepped shaft, male hexagon, female hexagon, square, splined
  • Mountings available such as flange with or without holes, threaded or clamped, threaded bodies, ring nut
  • Inlet or Lever operation
  • Exhaust – silenced, to atmosphere or piped
  • Lubricated or dry air at 6 bar.

Plus of course the Control valves, Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and fittings whether special [for example with safety features] or standard off-the-shelf.


Airmotors are tough and versatile, yet only a fraction of the size of comparable electric motors. Compact integral gearboxes give exceptional torque and power capacity.


To complement customers products, we offer

in-house label printing with serial numbering & customer's logo and model number at no additional cost.

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